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[cdt-dev] Setting Discovery Options programatically respectively getting rid of built-in includes


In the GUI it's possible to deactivate the "Automate discovery of paths and symbols"  on a configuration scope in a projects property menu > C/C++ Build > Discovery Options.
This leads to the built-in include being removed what is what i want to achieve.

How can i deactivate that option programatically?
I played around quite a long time with calls like these:

IScannerConfigBuilderInfo2 scm = ScannerConfigProfileManager.createScannerConfigBuildInfo2(project); 
scm.setAutoDiscoveryEnabled(false);    ;

or this:


or that which at least has something to do with the scope:


But this code doesn't lead to the deactivation of "Automate discovery of paths and symbols"  on a configuration scope.

Am i missing something?
Or is there another way?


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