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Re: [cdt-dev] Small "getting started" help needed.

Thank you.

On Mon, 2008-06-23 at 11:43 -0400, Alex Chapiro wrote:
> Jonathan S. Shapiro wrote: 
> > Thank you. Yes, I saw that, but that is not what I need. What I need is 
> > the results of the command line parse of each invocation of GCC, 
> > including the CWD that was in effect when that invocation of GCC was 
> > made. 
> > 
> >    
> That's why I mentioned simplicity of parser implementation. You can
> easily instrument it and see what you'd like.  Parser manager
> definitely  monitors CWD. 
> Besides that, see on the .options file in cdt core directory. There
> are some debug output switches that visualize some activities
> (unfortunately, there is no tracing for error parsing). If you launch
> cdt as an eclipse application from IDE, you can control debug traces
> from the corresponding panel in Launch Configuration Dialog. 
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