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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT 4.x.x createCDTProject for cygwin

Thanks I'll read these over ...

The problem i have is if i add "gcc -v" under my all: build rule it says MinGW's gcc is running ... I'd like to ensure that cygwin's gcc is run on the make file ... I assume there is some property on my newly created cdt project that will allow me to force cygwin gcc to be used on windows instead of MinGW ...

Your linked documents may answer this ... I will repost a new question after I have read them.

Thanks for you help,

Christian Wiederseiner wrote:
Hello Jim,

You should start a new thread with your question. So the reader will not be

I don't understand really your question. I believe you misunderstand CDT and
the approach of makefile. The makefile choose the compilator (on a standard
make file approach)
Take a look at this

If you are trying a managed make file build this is something else look at
this :

I hope this will help you,


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