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RE: [cdt-dev] add new keyword recognize by the dom parser

Are you using different ILanguages for the header and source files? I wonder if thats causing your problems.

I can't tell you weather the new LR parsers would help you solve this issue, because I'm not really sure what the issue is. Can you describe your setup in more detail. How different is POPC++ from regular C++? Is parclass just a keyword that can go wherever the class keyword normally goes, or is there extra syntax associated with it as well?

Mike Kucera
Software Developer
IBM Eclipse CDT Team

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RE: [cdt-dev] add new keyword recognize by the dom parser


thank you for your answer

So the comportement is a bit strange.

1. with semantic highlighting on :
- wenn I open the file the colored @{ as never the color

- wenn I just edit the @{... part.  For example delete the @ and put it
again, the color come back
(Then if I close and then open the file again no color is visible)

2. without semantic highlighting :
- wenn I open the file the colored @{ part as the right color

An other big issue I found, and I believe it would be difficult to change
the behavior to make it work.

In the  POPC++ language the parclass keyword is used in .ph file. Those
files are header file, so they will be used as include. For example :
#include ""
1. In case no file include the, the outline view for the as the green icon class, with the detailed content of
2. In case one file include the, the outline view for the as no more the green icon class, and the detailed content as

My question is : would the C99 project (like in UPC) help to resolve such an
issue. I read that UPC use new types for some keywords. But this is not
really related to type, because parclass is now mapped to

Does a similar problem has been resolve for UPC.

Thank you for your time,

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