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Re: [cdt-dev] add new keyword recognize by the dom parser


Thank you it works well now. The reason why we will actually not implement
using the C99 is because of time, my collegue and I are doing this as a
semester project.
We were able to extend from CDT (the coloration editor, compilation, and
execution) for POPC++ (the distributed language based on C++)

We will add a brief description about the C99 project in the report and
point to it for the future improvement of the plug-in.

I have still another question, because of an issue since I implemented the

We have done a customisation coloration for pattern similar to this one @{
od.url(machine);} using :
   public final class FastPopCPartitionScanner implements
IPartitionTokenScanner, ICPartitions {
   public class PopCSourceViewerConfiguration extends
CSourceViewerConfiguration {

	//returns damagers/repairers for the different partitions
	public IPresentationReconciler getPresentationReconciler(ISourceViewer
sourceViewer) {
		CPresentationReconciler reconciler = 
		DefaultDamagerRepairer dr= new
		return reconciler;
   public class PopCTextTools extends CTextTools {

Before the parclass{} was implemented, the ast parser stop is job at the
parclass{}. Now it go inside the parclass and changed the color of some
elements which were colored with that.
But the issue is about the @{ od.url(machine);}, as it recognized it as a
Bad character sequence encountered : @ . It clear the customisation
coloration we have done.

What I noticed is the following :
1. the reconciler for the cusotmisation coloration do is job just before the
ast parser : so coloration is applied correctly
2. then, the ast parser changed the coloration and remove it for the @

I hope there is enough informations, and you could give me a hint were to
start to handle this issue.

Thank you in advance,
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