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Re: [cdt-dev] add new keyword recognize by the dom parser

Keywords can be added to the DOM parser using IScannerExtensionConfiguration. You may have to provide your own implementation of this interface because the ones that are part of CDT don't look reusable. If you map the parclass keyword to IToken.t_class then the DOM parser will treat it just like the class keyword, if thats what you want.

I don't really consider the LR parsers to be all that "experimental" anymore. I've been working on them for almost two years now and we have shipped a popular UPC plugin based on the C99 parser. Besides, the best way for these parsers to continue to get better is if people participate, thats open source. So if you can get what you need done with just the DOM parser thats fine. But I would like to invite you to participate in the development of the LR parsers if you are interested.

Mike Kucera
Software Developer
IBM Eclipse CDT Team

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[cdt-dev] add new keyword recognize by the dom parser


I am actually working on a plug-in extending CDT to allow the use of a
distributed language
(based on C++, but some new keywords are added).
A bit like UPC.

The part I have got some problems :
1. I'd like to add a new keywords that would be recognize by the DOM parser
(for example the outline view)
Our language allow one new keyword similar to the class {} keyword, this
keywords is parclass{}.
Notice : that they could both be used in the same file.

So my first questions :
1. Who should I begin my search to add a new keywords like parclass
recognize by the dom parser similar to the class keyword
(the synthax coloration is actually working properly for it, the question is
just for the dom parsing part)
2. parclass would use the same iastnode type as class

I knew about the C99 project, but it is still experimental. I don't believe
we will actually use it untill we are sure it's working properly under CDT

An other question :
Would the previous change work in CDT 5.0 (without big modification ?)
Could you give me more information about change to CDT 5.0 for dom parsing

Thank you in advance,

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