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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT 4.0 M6 Countdown

* Something about the project settings pages:
With the new project model, thing got a bit "bloated" there. Could it be, that there are some kind of duplicate settings? 1.) C/C++ Build Variables, is this something like the symbol defines in the Compiler settings page of GCC?
       2.)  C/C++ Export Settings,  see 1.),
3.) C/C++ Project paths and symbols, see 1.) and whats the difference to settings 2.)

If they are duplicates of C/C++ Build Settings for GCC, are they merged together.
   I'm a little bit confused currently on how to try this stuff out.
Its like, where the heck do I add my include paths and library/libpaths, e.g. pthreads, or some other lib from another project.
   How to do this for Unixoid and how for Windows system?
Where to select the builder (Internal vs make vs mingw32-make), where to add toolchain paths, is this per PATH or do I add this in GCC settings for each tool? I believe, this is just the state of the inclusion of the new project model yet, and is fixed before 4.0 release.

* Also, I'm not sure about the preference page on C/C++ with the options,
   "Link view selection to active editor" and
   "Follow #include's when parsing working copies".
   Are they still used?

* Code style
Indentation: I think "Empty lines" is missing a sample in the code preview. Braces: The "Initializer list" seems not to have any effect on the Initializer List of the Point-constructor in the preview. Also I think, the code in the preview on the Braces page is in need of some empty lines, e.g. between the class end "};" and the start of Point::distance() function.

* Syntax Highlighting preferences:
I think here too, that the code preview sample needs some spacing. Its hard to find the parts which are to be set. I tried out the settings by toggling and looking for where a change happened.

* And last but not least, my all time favourite "bug":
   What about the build console coloring?
In my console there is only black on white, no matter what is set on the build console preference pages. The only thing working seems to be the line buffer settings and the check boxes.

I'm using eclipse-3.3m5eh with current cdt-sdk-4.0m5.

As I understand Doug, he's postponing the MSVC anyway, though I'll just put a note on the env-var problem with nullVC\bin etc.


Doug Schaefer schrieb:

Hey gang, good progress today. My sanity now passes (now using MinGW, woo hoo!). We still have a few bugs to clean up, though.

22 bugs found.

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