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RE: [cdt-dev] CDT 4.0 M6 Countdown


> * Also, I'm not sure about the preference page on C/C++ with 
> the options,
>     "Link view selection to active editor" and
>     "Follow #include's when parsing working copies".
>     Are they still used?

Yes, they are still used.
There is already a bug about "confusing labels" on
the C/C++ preference page, see

> * Code style
>     Indentation: I think "Empty lines" is missing a sample in 
> the code 
> preview.

I agree.

>     Braces: The "Initializer list" seems not to have any 
> effect on the 
> Initializer List of the Point-constructor in the preview.

The preview sample completely misses an initializer list. Thanks
for pointing that out.
The constructor initializer list is not effected, because its
initializer list is not enclosed in braces.

>                 Also I think, the code in the preview on the 
> Braces page 
> is in need of some empty lines, e.g. between the class end 
> "};" and the 
> start of Point::distance() function.


> * Syntax Highlighting preferences:
>     I think here too, that the code preview sample needs some 
> spacing. 
> Its hard to find the parts which are to be set.
>     I tried out the settings by toggling and looking for 
> where a change 
> happened.

Hm, I don't quite get that. If there is more spacing, you will
see less in the preview. How would that help in finding
"the parts which are to be set"?
Anyway, I am open for suggestions.

Thanks for the feedback.

Anton Leherbauer
Wind River CDT Team, Austria

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