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[cdt-dev] Translation estimates

Hi everyone,

Back in January I posted our translation schedule to the dev list.  Just to

>These are the builds from which translatable strings and properties files
will be extracted for translation:

Drop1:            02/02
Drop2:            02/23 (M5+2)
Drop3:            03/16
Drop4:            04/06 (M6+2)
Drop5:            04/20 - VOLUME NEEDS TO BE VERY LOW FOR THIS ONE.<

There have been a lot of changes made to HEAD after CDT M5 (namely the new
project model).  This has a big effect on our translation estimates and I
would like to update our estimated word counts for the upcoming drops 3, 4
and 5.  I would like to know:

1) What changes are you planning to make in CDT 4.0 that will affect the
volume of translatable strings,
2) What is the approximate word count (just a guess), and
3) When do you plan to commit these changes?

I'd really appreciate it if I can get these numbers by Thursday.

Would it also be possible to get these changes in by the M6 timeframe?
Since our last major translation drop is targeted for M6+2.

I'd like to suggest turning on the NON-NLS string warnings in all CDT
plugin projects except tests.  We can check this setting into HEAD so all
errors can be caught.


Vivian Kong
IBM Canada Toronto Lab
Phone: (905) 413-6067
Email: vivkong@xxxxxxxxxx

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