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[cdt-dev] New Project Model: Build System Backward compatibility is now committed to the CVS

Hi All,

The Build System Backward compatibility implementation is now committed
to the CVS.
Old-style make projects are currently loaded without conversion (unless
they were previously converted).
The "Convert to a C/C++ Make Project" wizard is back and currently it
can be used both for converting old-style make projects to the "new
style" ones as well as for converting non-CDT projects to the "new
style" CDT Make projects.
The "quick fix" wizard invocation is not implemented currently, so the
only way to perform conversion for now is to call the "Convert to a
C/C++ Make Project" wizard directly, i.e. "New.." -> "Other.." -> C/C++
-> "Convert to a C/C++ Make Project".

Feed-back/comments are welcome.


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