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[cdt-dev] RE: [dsdp-dd-dev] Enhanced Run/Debug launching support cominginI20070227

Hi Sheldon,


I’m copying the cdt-dev list.




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          I had a look at contextual launch and it works fine for java programs. I would like to know if i could provide such support for CDT and how do i go about it.


On 2/28/07, Gaff, Doug <doug.gaff@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Thanks for the heads up Darin.

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Subject: [dsdp-dd-dev] Enhanced Run/Debug launching support coming inI20070227

In this week's integration build (Feb 27th) debug has released support
that simplifies launching for novice users (see bug 74480). The support is
turned off by default, but you can activate it on the "Run/Debug >
Contextual Launching" preference page ("Enable contextual launch"). We
anticipate that the new and improved launch behavior will be the default
setting in Eclipse 3.3 (and 3.3.M6), and we encourage developers to try it
and file any bugs as necessary.

Before using the new support you should migrate existing launch
configurations on the "Run/Debug > Launching > Launch Configurations"
preference page, to ensure all resource mappings for launch configurations
are up to date.

The main difference between the old and new launch support is that when
you press the Run or Debug button (or F11, Ctrl-F11), rather than
re-launching the previous launch, we launch the selected resource or
active editor.

Different situations may apply:
* If the selection has never been launched, it will be launched
automatically based on applicable launch shortcuts (what you see in the
"Run As >" menu). If there is only one applicable launch shortcut, it will
be used to launch the resource. If there is more than one applicable
launch shortcut, you will be prompted to choose a way to launch the
* If the selection has been launched before, the most recently launched
configuration associated with the resource is launched. For example, if
you're working on a class in a plug-in, the most recently launched Eclipse
Application launch configuration will be re-launched.
* If there are no launch configurations in the recent launch history
associated with the selection but there are configurations in the
workspace associated with the resource, you will be prompted to choose
from those configurations associated with the resource.

Additionally, you can manage your launch configurations as resource
properties. Opening the properties dialog on a resource now shows a
"Run/Debug Setting" property page where all configurations associated with
that resource (and its children), are shown. You can create, edit, and
delete configurations from this page. This provides a scoped view of
launch configurations for the selected resource.

For power users, the "Run/Debug As" context menu actions are still
available. For example, if you want to launch a resource specifically as a
JUnit test rather than a Java Application, you can still do this from the
context menu. As well, the traditional launch dialog is still available –
but the actions has been renamed to "Open Run Dialog…" and "Open Debug

The Debug Team

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