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RE: [cdt-dev] Using MBSCustomPageManager etc.

There is a design doc attached to Bugzilla #90334 that you can look at.
There were some changes made over the course of implementation, but it
should give you the gist of things.  Hopefully during the doc milestones
for 3.1 I can update this and add it to the MBS extensibility document.

Without seeing your actual extension from your plugin.xml file and your
wizard page code, I can't say for sure what's going on.

Something that might be throwing you is that the page will be
instantiated regardless of whether or not it's visible, so that's why
your page is being called even though it's not shown.  The wizard has to
add all the possible pages when it starts up, and the page manager
dynamically figures out which ones to show/not show as the user
progresses through the wizard.

Try initially setting the extension for your page to specify no page
filtering criteria.  I.e., specify a wizardPage element but no
sub-elements for it.  That way the page should theoretically always be
shown, and if it isn't, you can narrow it down to the code side of

If you need examples for pages, check the
org.eclipse.cdt.manangedbuilder.ui.tests plugin.  There are several

Chris Recoskie
Software Designer
Texas Instruments, Toronto
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> Subject: [cdt-dev] Using MBSCustomPageManager etc.
> I want to make a new project wizard that extends the existing C/C++
> project wizards.
> I want to make an MPI project, which is essentially a C/C++ project
> an
> include and a build command change.
> I started extending NewManagedCProjectWizard to start, and hooking it
> with the
> extension point org.eclipse.ui.newWizards.
> I intended to just override addPages() and add a new page.
> But now I see this MBSCustomPageManager which sounds like it is
> exactly what I want.  Some newsgroup postings from Chris helped
> bit.
> But I made the extension, and the page, and can't see it.
> In fact when i run the wizard, breakpoints indicate it's running, but
> absolutely
> nothing shows up.  I broke the regular new project wizard somehow.
> I want an additional page to let the user set some include paths, then
> i want to programmatically add those.
> Also, what if I don't always want to have the extra MPI page?
> Should I make a new type of new project wizard, one for MPI projects,
> or use this as intended (I think) where it adds the page, and the user
> choose to add the include (which will probably be calculated
> on subsequent usage)
> or not add the include?
> So I guess I'm asking, what's the intended usage, how do I do it, and
do I
> want that?
> ...Beth
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