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Re: [cdt-dev] Associating file extensions in windows?

Try the fileplugin at You will have to set the associations on Windows yourself, but it will enable you to edit files outside the workspace.

You also will be able to drag and drop files. Be sure to read the README inside the plugin.


On 6/29/05, Thomas Weidenmueller <thomas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Doug Schaefer wrote:
> Well, the great thing is that this is open source and we would love to
> see patches that would fix this. I think the problem is that most people
> who use the CDT aren't on Windows, although I'd like to see that change.
> So if you think you can fix it, please send a patch to the cdt-patch
> list and we'll see about checking it in.

Unfortunately, I have no experience with Java development at all :( If I
had it, I would've done it myself already ;) I however can help with
Win32 issues that might come up developing these features.

Best Regards,
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