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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT plugin help

Most likely Chris is right. You may want also to enable a few settings on:

Java > Compiler > Errors/Warnings > Deprecated and restricted API

If you enable Forbbiden Reference and Discouraged Reference you will get this kind of problems as Warnings.

More info at:


On 6/29/05, Recoskie, Chris <crecoskie@xxxxxx> wrote:
Chances are that he didn't export any packages in the bundle manifest.  By default now the PDE creates a bundle manifest for your plugin, and by default it doesn't export any packages, so unless you explicitly export some packages, no other plugins will be able to see your code.

You can find more information in the Eclipse help under the topic of "OSGI Bundle Manifest Headers".


Chris Recoskie
Software Designer
IDE Frameworks Group
Texas Instruments, Toronto

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> Hello,
> how about this: In the eclipse menu bar select Help -> Welcome. On the
> welcome screen select Tutorials and on the tutorials page Eclipse Plug-in
> Development.
> The comment says it will teach you to create an eclipse plug-in that will
> open a message box, which  may be related to your problem of opening a
> wizard.
> For more specific help you'll need to post more specific information about
> your environment and the sources you are working on.
> Regards,
> Norbert
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> Betreff: [cdt-dev] CDT plugin help
> Hello,
> I apologize in advance if this is not the correct mailing list to post
> this type of question.
> I need to create a "Managed Make C++ Project" plug-in that will
> include everything needed for our project. One of my problems is that
> I cannot load my plug-in/wizard. I get the error: "Plug-in
> org.eclipse.myproject was unable to load class
> org.eclipse.myproject.MyProjectCCProjectWizard"
> So, I was wondering if there is any documentation and/or links and/or
> forums where I can get some information about the creating of eclipse
> plug-ins.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you
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