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RE: [cdt-dev] Associating file extensions in windows?

> Well, from the point of usability for the end-user, as of now 
> eclipse is totally useless to me.

Wow.  That's pretty amazing.  I've never though of file associations
as being so essential to work that I couldn't function without them.

> I'm really excited about eclipse and cdt, but without these two
> features, it's bascially impossible for me to use it as a 
> code editor on a daily basis.

If the *only* thing you're using CDT for is a code editor, then
you're missing out on almost everything that CDT offers over and
above an average programmer's editor.

If CDT is such a bad fit for your project that the *only* thing
worthwhile to you is the editor, then maybe you're using the
wrong tool to solve your problem.

That said: PTC - patches thoughtfully considered.  If adding this
support to Eclipse/CDT is that importatnt to you, then perhaps you
can spare a few hours coming up with an implementation?


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