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Re: [cdt-dev] Associating file extensions in windows?

That's certainly an interesting idea. I know when you install VisualStudio, it registers against C/C++ files. The start up is a bit slow, though, and I suppose Eclipse would be similarly slow. You also would be hobbled by the lack of an Eclipse project and associated settings (unless the action could determine which workspace to open up, but I'm not sure if this is possible). We open external C/C++ files in the CDT today but without project information you don't get content assist, open declaration, etc. The fileopen plugin looks interesting and worth a look to see what it does.


Thomas Weidenmueller wrote:

Hi folks,

is there *any* way that certain files (.c, .h, ...) could be associated
with eclipse in windows? There's pretty much no mature Windows
application that doesn't support such a simple feature and I really miss
that in eclipse. This has prevented me from using eclipse for months
now, is it really that hard to support such an essential feature? I
realize that eclipse is a portable application, but even the
Mozilla/Firefox folks managed to do that...

I know that there's a fileopen plugin, but it doesn't seem to work with
3.1 anymore (plus it had some weird issues sometimes)

Best Regards,

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