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Re: [cdt-dev] A few more clarifications

Alifiya Hussain wrote:

- Projects referencing others.

A use for this  is when you have a lib project and a application project
which uses the lib if you make the application project reference the lib
project, the builder will ensue that the lib is built before the app.
Also for in the future when you perform searching/code assist/... it can
use this referenced projects list.

Generally speaking then, if my project A references project B, when I build A, it will first try to build B? Because it doesnt do that currently. I have two projects in my workspace. I do a make clean on both so neither has any .o or exec files. I make one reference the other and try to build that one. It only builds itself, not the other. Is this meant to work or do I have to be using something from the referenced project in my current project?


Not quite, if you do a build all (ctrl-b), or rebuild all, then it will ensure
that every thing is built in the correct order.  If you explicitly build one
project, then it will only build that one project.

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