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Re: [cdt-dev] A few more clarifications

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From: "Alifiya Hussain" <ahussain@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: <cdt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Tuesday, November 19, 2002 12:52 PM
Subject: Re: [cdt-dev] A few more clarifications

> >
> >
> >
> >The Debug perspective is shared by JDT and CDT (and any other development
> >tools with debugging features). All the actions you mentioned are Java
> >specific and are contributed by JDT. They are useful if you are debugging
> >Java and C/C++ applications at the same time.
> >You can remove all this actions from the debugger views by unchecking the
> >"Java Debug" action group on the 'Preferrence'->'Debug'->'Debug Action
> >Group' page.
> >
> Thanks a lot! I wasnt aware of this feature and it makes life a lot
> easier. I'm no longer pondering why the Qualified names, static fields
> and final fields do nothing. However, deselecting Java Debug from the
> group doesn't take away the Display view. It should right?

This feature controls actions only.
If you don't want the Display view to appear in the Debug perspective just
close it and will not show in your workbench when you start it next time.

> >
> >
> >There is the 'Disconnect' menu item in context menu.
> >
> I'm just wondering, why is it that although Resume, Suspend, Terminate
> and Disconnect are grouped together in the toolbar and the context menu,
> the disconnect option is not inlcuded with the former three in the main
> menu under Run?
> There are also options like Relaunch, Terminate All, Terminate and
> Remove, and Copy Stack that are in the context menu but not in the
> toolbar. Why is this?

I think the actions they put under Run are most frequently used actions and
the others are not.

> The last set of options in the Context menu of the Debug view, Show
> Qualified Names, Show Debugger Console, Disassembly Mode, and Show Full
> Paths all have corresponding icons but they don't appear in the context
> menu. Actually, the Show Qualified Names isn't in the toolbar at all and
> the first time the context menu is accessed, it shows the corresponding
> icon for it. But if selected, the icon changes to a tick mark and when
> deselected, it becomes blank (previous icon doesn't appear).

As far as I know the SWT implementation for Motif doesn't show icons in
menu. On Windows and RTP it works fine, you can see all icons associated
with actions.

>There is
> also a problem with toggling the Disassembly mode using the toolbar and
> context menu alternately. Turn it on using the toolbar and the
> corresponding option in the context menu doesn't get selected but the
> view appears. Toggling the option using the context menu next doesn't
> affect the selection of the toobar option at all but does change the GDB
> Debugger window that opened from the foreground to the background.

This is a bug. I will file it.

> Finally, there are options in the Debug perspective that get enabled in
> some context menu's but not in the corresponding main menu options. Like
> when a breakpoint is selected inthe Breakpoints view, it can be removed
> from the view's options, but the "Add/Remove Breakpoint" under Run
> doesn't get enabled.  Same thing for the "Run to line" option. They
> actually never seem to get enabled even in other appropriate locations
> (Eg: Editor).

The "Add/Remove Breakpoint" action is an JDT action to add/remove Java
breakpoints. It is enabled if your active editor is Java editor. There is
the "Add/Remove C/C++ Breakpoint" action for CDT. The same is for the "Run
To C/C++ Line" action.
I agree that this doesn't look good but there is nothing that I can do with
it. The Debug perspective includes the original generic views plus
contributions from CDT and JDT. CDT and JDT are independent and optional.
This is the reason for some duplicate actions and views.

> Please clarify if I'm expecting unreasonable functionality from any of
> the above. Otherwise, I realize that that they may not be your problems
> to deal with but it you could redirect me to exactly who's responsible
> for this stuff, I can file the appropriate bugs.

That's OK. I am the person who is responsible for the CDT UI staff, as well
as for the CDT Core stuff related to UI.

> Thanks a lot!
> Alifiya
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