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Re: [cdt-dev] A few more clarifications

*Some things I thought should be disabled in the Debug perspective when a C/C++ program is being debugged because the options are not applicable:

- display view, since it is only needed for the jdt
- Search->Search->Java Search
(while I'm on the topic, both Search->Search and Search->File seem to do the exactly same thing. whats the point of that?)
- Breakpoints view-> Add Java Exception option

*Also, a lot of the views in the debug perspective has the "Show Qualified Names" option. I don't understand what its supposedto be doing (pressed or not, the view looks the same for me, but I'm probably just not using it correctly).

* Is the "Show Static" option in the variables view supposed to show the contents of static variables ? It doesn't seem to be doing that. I have a static variable in my program which doesn't appear in the variables view but as its updated, I can pass my mouse pointer over it and the hover help shows the current value of the variable. PR?

*Finally, there is no reference to the "disconnect" button (debug view) in the menu bar. Nor is tool-tip on when the button is disabled. Is it supposed to be this way? (This is why I previously could not determine what the button was for).



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