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[cdt-cloud-dev] Committer Election for Hriday Panchasara on Eclipse has started

A committer election for Hriday Panchasara on project Eclipse
(ecd.cdt-cloud) was started by Matthew Khouzam with this criteria:

Hriday Panchasara works full time on the Eclipse team, specifically
on the tracing components e.g.
[[]]. The project
has clearly benefited from his work.

They have addressed the following bugs: (111 bugs fixed so far)
But here are the top 5

- Split the X axis views to keep events tables separate. Major UX improvement
- Ability to pin views.
- Export tree outputs to CSV. Because everyone loves excel.
- Added local statistics for a selection.
-And my favorite: Add a quick help button.

And more here

He has also been active in the community in these issues:
- Issue with 'Show Trace overview' toolbar button
- Support Shift + up/down in table-output-component
- Events Table: Only show trace column when there is more than one trace in
the set
- Add a setting in the UI to specify trace server CLI arguments
- Discover compatible trace files
- Clarify that Trace Viewer not functional when server offline
- Unified cursor for time-based charts
- Add intuitive way to open additional traces
and more here

It is my pleasure to nominate Hriday as a committer on Eclipse If
you go through the commit and comment history, you will also see, he is very
professional and nice, he is a worthy addition to the team. Welcome Hriday!

Eclipse project committers can click the election link below to



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