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[cdt-cloud-dev] Committer Election for Hoang Thuan Pham on Eclipse has started

A committer election for Hoang Thuan Pham on project Eclipse
(ecd.cdt-cloud) was started by Matthew Khouzam with this criteria:

Hoang ( recently started contributing to
the Eclipse project. In particular to the tracing projects. He is
already making an impact on the projects.

He has contributed 92 items in the last year, including many R&D projects
that were not merged, but proving a negative is just as valuable as adding a

The large features he contributed so far:
- The trace overview, a powerful way to see the whole trace and navigate
using it.
- He also fixed many UX issues with it that are present in the reference
Trace Compass implementation
- This should not count toward this nomination, but he added FTrace support
to Trace Compass, allowing it to be viewed in if it is enabled.

He has also investigated the UX of having some reporting software like
"HotJar" or the implications of adding programmatic columns to Trace Compass.

Finally, he has provided community support. Even once in Vietnamese. ;)

It is my pleasure to nominate Hoang as a committer on Eclipse We
need more people running in the front like him and defining the

Eclipse project committers can click the election link below to



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