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[cbi-dev] [JIRO] POD configuration in build does not match Jenkinsfile

Dear CBI users,

we from the Xtext team are observing a strange issue with our build jobs on CBI. We have set up multibranch pipeline jobs for our builds and are currently experimenting with different resource requirements [1]. Therefore we are doing changes to our POD configurations in Jenkinsfiles.

The issue now is that the branch jobs often do not use the POD configuration as defined in the Jenkinsfile: We see other resource requirements or none printed to the job’s log output. For us it looks a bit random which configuration is actually used. We would expect that the Jenkinsfile’s POD configuration should reliably be used for the job execution. We have opened bug#548573 [2] to track this.

Does anyone have similar experience with custom POD configurations, or ideally an explanation?

Best wishes,

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