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[cbi-dev] Interrogations on the new Jenkins/Kubernetes instances

Hi Everyone,


I might be asking something that is already documented, and if so please direct me to the relevant documentation, but if not here are my questions:

For context I was configuring the XWT jobs on and I am not admin of this instance.


1-      The xwt-master workspace just vanished without any actions from me (so I gather the message The agent this project has run on for the last time was removed indicates me that the pod/node was used by another job hence the workspace was deleted ?). How so ?

2-      I cannot seem to be able to run the zip command from a shell script build step. Should I use something else ?

3-      The gerrit Job can’t seem to add the +1 to the gerrit contribution even after adding the review parameters 1 and +1. I gather that the Gerrit Reporting Values and Verified Commands are not set in this instance and therefore nothing is sent by the job to the gerrit instance & patch ?

4-      This instance does not seem to have any executors pre-locked. Is/Will this be the future default configuration ? i.e. will they be dispatched by the kubernetes manager and assigned whenever a free node is available ?



Thanks for any light shed on those queries,



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