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Re: [cbi-dev] Interrogations on the new Jenkins/Kubernetes instances


On 11/06/2019 16:00, Denis Roy wrote:

2-      I tried to add a promote step to the job but I cannot figure out how one would access the archive files from the job as the promote step is launched in another agent. I gather you can get them through a (curl ?) request but that can be a big overhead for larger project archives (e.g. RCPs, zipped p2s containing hundreds of plugins, …). There must be a way to do it cleanly but I didn’t find how.

If you're using a pipeline build, you can use stash for this:

Rather than add a step to the build you can add a downstream job. This has the benefits of a very simple and so reliable if-the-build-fails don't promote guard.

You can look at the which executes the very simple (not-in-GIT) script:

rm -f
curl -s -k ${PUBLISH__DOWNLOADS_SH} >
curl -s -k ${PUBLISH__UPDATES_SH} >
chmod +x
bash -ex
bash -ex

to use the and scripts from GIT and parameters from the original job.


Ed Willink


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