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Re: [cbi-dev] Interrogations on the new Jenkins/Kubernetes instances

Hi Mikaël,


I tried correcting the points mentioned but found other problems. Again, if you could help me with them it’d be a great help:

1-      The first point I made was mainly about keeping the workspace for the downloaded maven dependencies which can be a pain to download every single time.(which, if I understood correctly will be the case if the workspace is deleted every single time)

2-      I tried to add a promote step to the job but I cannot figure out how one would access the archive files from the job as the promote step is launched in another agent. I gather you can get them through a (curl ?) request but that can be a big overhead for larger project archives (e.g. RCPs, zipped p2s containing hundreds of plugins, …). There must be a way to do it cleanly but I didn’t find how.

3-      I tried to publish the contents in the same workspace state (after the build) but the ssh connection did not seem to get through (no error shown just a timeout).

Is the destination still /home/data/httpd/ or should I call another destination ?

As a bonus question it should be possible to use variables in the request but if I transform “ssh genie.shared@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mkdir –p /home/data/***” into “ssh $sshGenie@$sshRemote mkdir -p $destinationUpdateSite” it times out. Is it because the previously mentioned destination is erroneous ?


Thanks again,



Ps : The zip command seem to only be available in the ‘migration’ profile. Should I open a bug for it to be integrated inside the “ui-test” (as I get the feeling that migration is not supposed to last) along the one for Gerrit problems ?

Pps: to provide further information I included the script I intended to use as a promotion script. If you see any kind of problems with it feel free to tell me J



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Hi Quentin,


See my answers inline


Le 6 juin 2019 à 17:58, LE MENEZ Quentin <Quentin.LEMENEZ@xxxxxx> a écrit :


Hi Everyone,


I might be asking something that is already documented, and if so please direct me to the relevant documentation, but if not here are my questions:

For context I was configuring the XWT jobs on and I am not admin of this instance.


1-      The xwt-master workspace just vanished without any actions from me (so I gather the message The agent this project has run on for the last time was removed indicates me that the pod/node was used by another job hence the workspace was deleted ?). How so ?


Agents on the new infra are spawn on-demand, a new workspace is created at the same time and everything is teared down once the build is done. If you want some files to outlive the duration of the jobs, you should either use the archiveArtifacts Jenkins feature and/or cp the files to the download area ( Note that if you push files that are not releases, you should put them in a folder strcuture that will not be mirrored (see for the list of file patterns that are not send to mirrors).

2-      I cannot seem to be able to run the zip command from a shell script build step. Should I use something else ?


"zip" command is not available in the default agent image, "unzip" is though. Advanced images are available in "migration" and "ui-test" agents. See for how to use them.

3-      The gerrit Job can’t seem to add the +1 to the gerrit contribution even after adding the review parameters 1 and +1. I gather that the Gerrit Reporting Values and Verified Commands are not set in this instance and therefore nothing is sent by the job to the gerrit instance & patch ? 


It should work out of the box. Please, open a ticket and we will investigate.

4-      This instance does not seem to have any executors pre-locked. Is/Will this be the future default configuration ? i.e. will they be dispatched by the kubernetes manager and assigned whenever a free node is available ?


As stated above, agents / executors are dynamically provisioned. You won't see any until you start a build. Up to 2 agents can be provisioned simultaneously for your Jenkins instance, i.e. you can run up to 2 jobs concurrently.




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