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Re: [cbi-dev] Interrogations on the new Jenkins/Kubernetes instances

Hi Quentin,

See my (late) replies inline.


Mikaël Barbero 
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Le 11 juin 2019 à 14:28, LE MENEZ Quentin <Quentin.LEMENEZ@xxxxxx> a écrit :

Hi Mikaël,
I tried correcting the points mentioned but found other problems. Again, if you could help me with them it’d be a great help:
1-      The first point I made was mainly about keeping the workspace for the downloaded maven dependencies which can be a pain to download every single time.(which, if I understood correctly will be the case if the workspace is deleted every single time)

Denis said it all :)

2-      I tried to add a promote step to the job but I cannot figure out how one would access the archive files from the job as the promote step is launched in another agent. I gather you can get them through a (curl ?) request but that can be a big overhead for larger project archives (e.g. RCPs, zipped p2s containing hundreds of plugins, …). There must be a way to do it cleanly but I didn’t find how.

promote step/plugins is from another time where workspaces were expected to stay available for some time. I'd suggest you get rid of it and find another workflow

3-      I tried to publish the contents in the same workspace state (after the build) but the ssh connection did not seem to get through (no error shown just a timeout). 
Is the destination still /home/data/httpd/ or should I call another destination ?
As a bonus question it should be possible to use variables in the request but if I transform “ssh genie.shared@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mkdir –p /home/data/***” into “ssh $sshGenie@$sshRemote mkdir -p $destinationUpdateSite” it times out. Is it because the previously mentioned destination is erroneous ?

genie.shared does not have access to projects-storage. It should be genie.xwt if you're doing some work on the XWT instance.

Thanks again,
Ps : The zip command seem to only be available in the ‘migration’ profile. Should I open a bug for it to be integrated inside the “ui-test” (as I get the feeling that migration is not supposed to last) along the one for Gerrit problems ?

Yes, please. Feel free to do it. 

Pps: to provide further information I included the script I intended to use as a promotion script. If you see any kind of problems with it feel free to tell me J

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