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  • [aspectj-users] AJDT and E2M Connector updates for Eclipse 2024-03, Alexander Kriegisch
  • [aspectj-users] add instance members to a class, Steve White
  • [aspectj-users] Agent Embedder Maven Plugin and AspectJ load-time weaving, Alexander Kriegisch
  • [aspectj-users] AspectJ 1.9.22 release (Java 22), Alexander Kriegisch
  • [aspectj-users] AspectJ maintenance release, Alexander Kriegisch
  • [aspectj-users] AspectJ maintenance release, Alexander Kriegisch
  • [aspectj-users] Hello world Agent with aspectjweaver, kypdk
  • [aspectj-users] AspectJ 1.9.21 with Java 21 support, Alexander Kriegisch
  • [aspectj-users] About AspectJ, Turritopsis Dohrnii Teo En Ming
  • [aspectj-users] AspectJ bugfix release with Java 20 support, Alexander Kriegisch
  • [aspectj-users] AspectJ 1.9.20 with Java 20 support, Alexander Kriegisch
  • [aspectj-users] meta-data problem with aspectj-maven-plugin, Eric B
  • [aspectj-users] AOP features directly in Kotlin language -- request for upvotes, Matthew Adams
  • [aspectj-users] Passing instance of Aspect into a pointcut, Alex Rojkov
  • [aspectj-users] call and execution pointcut problem, Mikael Petterson
  • [aspectj-users] AspectJ 1.9.9 final release with Java 18 support, Alexander Kriegisch
  • [aspectj-users] aspectjtools fail with NPE during maven build, raimondas
  • [aspectj-users] Compile error with aspectj, Mikael Petterson
  • [aspectj-users] AspectJ Maven Plugin 1.13.1 by, Alexander Kriegisch
  • [aspectj-users] An internal error occurred during: "Computing additional info". org/eclipse/jdt/internal/core/hierarchy/HierarchyResolver$AjcClosure1, Mikael Petterson
  • [aspectj-users] AspectJ 1.9.8.M1 release and Java 17-EA developer version, Alexander Kriegisch
  • [aspectj-users] AspectJ Maven Plugin ( fork) 1.13 released, Alexander Kriegisch
  • [aspectj-users] AspectJ 1.9.7 released, Andy Clement
  • [aspectj-users] Openjdk11 and Security Manager, Constantin Moisei
  • [aspectj-users] AspectJ 1.9.7.M2 is available, Alexander Kriegisch
  • [aspectj-users] AspectJ + AJDT + AspectJ Maven development versions for Java 16 available, Alexander Kriegisch
  • [aspectj-users] Is AspectJ compatible with Java 15?, Davide Perini
  • [aspectj-users] Java 9+ modules questions, Alexander Kriegisch
  • [aspectj-users] Limiting runtime type of target/this objects in pointcut, Alexander Kriegisch
  • [aspectj-users] AspectJWeaver & java.util.logging, Eric B

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