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Re: [aspectj-users] JavaBlackBelt exam on AspectJ

Hi all,
we made a step further, we have the wiki template page. If I understand
it correctly, this is more or less as if we are "Incubating" the exam.
Now there must be a discussion not about wether it is the case to have
such an exam (that step is passed), but wether given objectives are okay
or not. Once the objectives are "stable", and has been reviewed/approved
by someone who can really state that know this technology (known
developer, known conference speaker etc..), the exam will be added to
the list and can be filled with questions.

The wiki page is :
I posted my initial proposal and Andrew's integrations, if someone wants
to followup.

To discuss it :


Simone Gianni            CEO Semeru s.r.l.           Apache Committer
MALE human being programming a computer

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