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Re: [aspectj-users] JavaBlackBelt exam on AspectJ

Hi Simone,

I'm sure I can help with this, and find some other volunteers that will help come up with questions.  So if you want to tell them to create the template we can look to create some suitable questions.  Just going through bugzilla over the last few years would yield a few common pitfalls and questions ;) 


2008/8/11 Simone Gianni <simoneg@xxxxxxxxxx>
Hi all,
I'm getting addicted to JavaBlackBelt. It is a site where there are some
exams you can take, earn "knowledge points", and show your friends (and
the world) what a cool programmer you are.

Today I noticed that there was no AOP or AspectJ exam, not even planned.
So I asked in the forum, and someone is answering that they'd like to
have it.

Since exams are built by the community (meaning that people write the
questions, other will vote if they like them, and those who are eligible
find their place in the exam test) it would be nice if someone is
interested to answer back in the forum, so that the JavaBlackBelt
administrator will eventually create a draft for the exam, and then
contribute questions if and when the exam will be created.

The java black belt site :
The forum entry :

Just to let you know,

Simone Gianni
CEO Semeru s.r.l.
Apache Committer

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