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Re: [aspectj-users] JavaBlackBelt exam on AspectJ

Hi Andy,
nice to hear you are interested. I just posted on the Java Black Belt
forum about your approval.

If I understood correctly how it works, we should first think about exam
objectives, that is define what a person that passes this exam must be
able to do and what not, choose a number of topics like "Basic
understanding of joinpoints" "Understanding advice parameters" and so
on, together with a brief explanation of what must be covered by each
section, like "This section covers the most common joinpoint types, it's
objectives are * Understand and identify call() and execution()
joinpoints * Understand and identify get() and set() joinpoints * Be
able to use join points composition" .. etc...

Any idea?


Andy Clement wrote:
> Hi Simone,
> I'm sure I can help with this, and find some other volunteers that
> will help come up with questions.  So if you want to tell them to
> create the template we can look to create some suitable questions. 
> Just going through bugzilla over the last few years would yield a few
> common pitfalls and questions ;) 
> cheers,
> Andy.
> 2008/8/11 Simone Gianni <simoneg@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:simoneg@xxxxxxxxxx>>
>     Hi all,
>     I'm getting addicted to JavaBlackBelt. It is a site where there
>     are some
>     exams you can take, earn "knowledge points", and show your friends
>     (and
>     the world) what a cool programmer you are.
>     Today I noticed that there was no AOP or AspectJ exam, not even
>     planned.
>     So I asked in the forum, and someone is answering that they'd like to
>     have it.
>     Since exams are built by the community (meaning that people write the
>     questions, other will vote if they like them, and those who are
>     eligible
>     find their place in the exam test) it would be nice if someone is
>     interested to answer back in the forum, so that the JavaBlackBelt
>     administrator will eventually create a draft for the exam, and then
>     contribute questions if and when the exam will be created.
>     The java black belt site :
>     The forum entry :
>     Just to let you know,
>     Simone
>     --
>     Simone Gianni
>     CEO Semeru s.r.l.
>     Apache Committer
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Simone Gianni
CEO Semeru s.r.l.
Apache Committer

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