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Re: [aspectj-users] JavaBlackBelt exam on AspectJ

Hi there,
people at JavaBlackBelt, while they like the proposal, would like to see
some interest in the forum before creating the template. So, Andrew,
since I posted on the forum the exam plan as it was before your mail
(simply, I red your mail after :D posting it), it would be nice if you
could subscribe to the JavaBlackBelt forum and reply to my post with the
changes you already posted here.

Also, anyone else who is interested in it, we are not asking for a
commitment, simply to state that you are interested in AspectJ on the
JavaBlackBelt forum post, so that they see that it is a technology
people are using.

The URL or the post is this :

Let us hear your voice!


Simone Gianni wrote:
> Ok, posted the basic exam on the JBB forum, asked for template creation.
> As soon as they create it, we can start filling it with questions and
> rounding the corners of details. Anybody else wants to share with me the
> task?

Simone Gianni            CEO Semeru s.r.l.           Apache Committer
MALE human being programming a computer

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