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Re: [asciidoc-wg] And another introduction

Hi Ben,

what a small world - I'm working at Bosch and have contact to the ASAM with the ODS standard maintenance. Maybe we should get in touch on the topic...

A bit more about myself: My main contact to Eclipse has been the openMDM working group, where we had discussed AsciiDoc as candidate for documentation as well. Unfortunately any type of markup is not that common in the automotive industry, so we went on with wikis and MS Office documents. Personally, I use AsciiDoc every now and then, so I'm really looking forward to a broader adoption and going for another try in my business environment.

So long

On Tue, Feb 18, 2020 at 10:53 AM Benjamin Engel <benjamin.engel@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi folks,


I was really happy to see the push to standardization. I myself work for ASAM, a standardisation organisation in the automotive industry, with a focus on the simulation domain (one part of which is the standardisation of e.g. domain specific languages). I have recently been transitioning all our current and new upcoming standards to the asciidoc format for their specification & documentation so I have a vested interest in helping this WG reach its goal! One roadblock I have been encountering is precisely this lack of a defined standard for the language, a step which will definitely drive the acceptance in the industry as a whole. I also really like the move to Eclipse, whose open-source approach I have been using as an example in developing our own workflow for open source when applied to standardisation.


I look forward to joining in and contributing to the future discussions!


Best regards,


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