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[asciidoc-wg] And another introduction

Hi folks,


I was really happy to see the push to standardization. I myself work for ASAM, a standardisation organisation in the automotive industry, with a focus on the simulation domain (one part of which is the standardisation of e.g. domain specific languages). I have recently been transitioning all our current and new upcoming standards to the asciidoc format for their specification & documentation so I have a vested interest in helping this WG reach its goal! One roadblock I have been encountering is precisely this lack of a defined standard for the language, a step which will definitely drive the acceptance in the industry as a whole. I also really like the move to Eclipse, whose open-source approach I have been using as an example in developing our own workflow for open source when applied to standardisation.


I look forward to joining in and contributing to the future discussions!


Best regards,


Ben Engel

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