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Re: [asciidoc-lang-dev] Whitespace handling

>>> Lex:
>>> "Asciidoc spacing characters" is fine by me, if a bit long, but {asc} can fix that :-)
>> Dan wrote:
>> Excellent. We will certainly define it.
> Sylvain wrote:
> FWIW, it suits me well too ;)

I've been informed by someone well-versed in Unicode that "spacing mark" is already well-defined in Unicode ( and trying to apply a different meaning to it could prove confusing. I'm not abandoning the option yet, but it did prompt me to consider an alternative.

"invisible characters" (perhaps "invisibles" for short)

The reason I like this is because spaces, tabs, and newlines really are there in the text. They just happen to be invisible. And for people who are less familiar with the nomenclature of ASCII and Unicode, it's intuitive because it's self-describing. Something is clearly there, it's just invisible.

Since we are talking about invisible characters specific to AsciiDoc, we would still have to qualify it as AsciiDoc invisible characters.

It might read something like this:

"A section title consists of a level marker followed by at least one invisible character followed by a non-empty title."

Just an option to consider.

The main challenge that remains, either way, is that we have two definitions of the invisible/spacing character group. One includes the newline character, the other doesn't. So we might need "in-line invisible character" in the previous example (or "in-line invisible" for short).

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