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Re: [asciidoc-lang-dev] Whitespace handling

>Yes we need a new collective noun for the relevant grouping of code
>to use in the specification if "whitespace" is unacceptable to some
>"spaces" is the plural of "space" so its ambiguous, please don't use it
>a specification to mean anything else.

I had the same objections as Lex here. Space is the character \x20. We need a collective name for the set of spacing characters. "space-like" ?
>Sadly Unicode doesn't offer a name for the grouping since its members
>spread across Cc, Cf and Z categories.
>Perhaps "blank space" could be used, but it would need to be written
>and defined.
Amusingly enough, from a French-speaking perspective, "blank" is more questionable than "white".
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