Meta-level queries

Hawk extends the regular EOL facilities to be able to query the metamodels registered within the instance:

  • Model.files lists all the files indexed by Hawk (may be limited through the context).
  • Model.metamodels lists all the metamodels registered in Hawk (EPackage instances for EMF).
  • Model.proxies lists all the proxy reference lists present in the graph. Each proxy reference list is a collection of the unresolved references from a model element node to the elements of a particular file. For details, please consult the advanced properties page.
  • Model.types lists all the types registered in Hawk (EClass instances for EMF).
  • Model.getFileOf(obj) retrieves the first file containing the object obj.
  • Model.getFilesOf(obj) retrieves all the files containing the object obj.
  • Model.getProxies(repositoryPrefix) lists all the proxy reference lists for files in repositories matching the specified prefix.
  • Model.getTypeOf(obj) retrieves the type of the object obj.


For a metamodel mm, these attributes are available:

  • mm.dependencies lists the metamodels this metamodel depends on (usually at least the Ecore metamodel for EMF-based metamodels).
  • mm.metamodelType is the type of metamodel that was registered.
  • mm.node returns the underlying IGraphNode.
  • mm.resource retrieves the original string representation for this metamodel (the original .ecore file for EMF).
  • mm.types lists the types defined in this metamodel.
  • mm.uri is the namespace URI of the metamodel.


For a type t, these attributes are available:

  • t.all retrieves all instances of that type efficiently (includes subtypes).
  • t.attributes lists the attributes of the type, as slots (see below).
  • t.features lists the attributes and references of the type.
  • t.metamodel retrieves the metamodel that defines the type.
  • retrieves the name of the type.
  • t.node returns the underlying IGraphNode.
  • t.references lists the references of the type, as slots.


For a slot sl, these attributes are available:

  • name of the slot.
  • sl.type: type of the value of the slot.
  • sl.isMany: true if this is a multi-valued slot.
  • sl.isOrdered: true if the values should follow some order.
  • sl.isAttribute: true if this is an attribute slot.
  • sl.isReference: true if this is a reference slot.
  • sl.isUnique: true if the value for this slot should be unique within its model.


For a file f, these attributes are available:

  • f.contents: returns all the model elements in the file.
  • f.node: returns the underlying IGraphNode.
  • f.path: returns the path of the file within the repository (e.g. /input.xmi).
  • f.repository: returns the URL of the repository (e.g. file:///home/myuser/models).
  • f.roots: returns the root model elements in the file.