Eclipse Hawk

Eclipse Hawk is a model indexing solution that can take models written with various technologies and turn them into graphs, for easier and faster querying.

Hawk is licensed under the Eclipse Public License 2.0, with the GNU GPL 3.0 as secondary license.

Any questions?

Check the other sections on the left for how to get started and use Hawk. If you cannot find an answer there, feel free to ask at the official forum in

Interim downloads (2.0.0)

Interim versions of the core components of Hawk 2.0.0, the OrientDB / Greycat backends, and the Thrift API clients can be installed from this Eclipse update site:

If you are developing a custom Hawk server, you will find the Hawk server components in this update site:

There are Apache Thrift client libraries targeting Java, JavaScript and C++ for talking with a Hawk server. The Java library is available under server/plugins, in the org.eclipse.hawk.service.api project. The other libraries are available from these links:

The zipped update site, zipped source code, and prebuilt CLI/server products for Linux, MacOS and Windows are available from the 2.0.0 downloads folder.

Source code

To access the source code, clone the Git repository for Hawk with your preferred client from:


Committers will use a different URL:


You can also read the code through your browser from the Git-web interface (simpler), or from the Gitiles interface (which allows for archive downloads).