Build with plain Maven

Hawk can be reused as a library in a regular Java application, outside OSGi. Non-OSGi developers normally use Maven or a Maven-compatible build system (e.g. Ivy or SBT), rather than Tycho. To make it easier for these developers, Hawk provides a parallel hierarchy of pom-plain.xml files that can be used to build Hawk with plain Maven (pom.xml files are reserved for Tycho).

Not all Hawk modules are available through this build, as they may rely on OSGi (e.g. org.eclipse.hawk.modelio) or require downloading many external dependencies (e.g. org.eclipse.hawk.bpmn). .feature, .dependencies and .tests projects are not included either, as they are OSGi-specific. For that reason, this build should only be used for distribution, and not for regular development.

To build with regular Maven, run mvn -f pom-plain.xml install from the root of the repository to compile the artifacts and install them into the local Maven repository, so they can be used in other Maven builds.