Run GUI from source

These instructions are from a clean download of an Eclipse Luna Modelling distribution and include all optional dependencies.

  1. Clone this Git repository on your Eclipse instance (e.g. using git clone or EGit) and import all projects into the workspace (File > Import > Existing Projects into Workspace).
  2. Open the org.hawk.targetplatform/ file, wait for the target definition to be resolved and click on Set as Target Platform.
  3. Install IvyDE into your Eclipse instance, right click on org.hawk.neo4j-v2.dependencies and use "Ivy > Retrieve 'dependencies'". The libraries should appear within Referenced Libraries. Do the same for these other projects:
    • org.hawk.orientdb
    • org.hawk.localfolder
    • org.hawk.greycat
  4. Force a full rebuild with Project > Clean... > Clean all projects if you still have errors.

After all these steps, you should have a working version of Hawk with all optional dependencies and no errors. You can now use "Run as... > Eclipse Application" to open a nested Eclipse with the Hawk GUI running inside it.