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Editor's Note

When we announced the Eclipse Cloud Development Tools Working Group last fall, our Executive Director, Mike Milinkovich, noted in a blog post that he hadn’t seen an initiative with this level of potential impact since the Eclipse Foundation was created in 2004.

Less than six months later, several Eclipse projects have exciting updates to share. The progress and innovations you’ll read about in this month’s newsletter truly validate the value of an open source, vendor-neutral, and collaborative approach to cloud development tools.

Spotlight Articles

Our spotlight articles focus on four Eclipse projects that enable faster, easier, more flexible cloud-based development:

  • Eclipse Theia. Sven Efftinge reviews the key features in the March 31 Theia 1.0 release and the big-name companies that are already benefiting from Theia’s single-source approach to desktop and cloud IDE development.
  • Eclipse Che. Brad Micklea shares five Che features that will make you want to take another look at this Kubernetes-native developer platform.
  • Eclipse Dirigible. Nedelcho Delchev explains why developers will want to switch to an open source, low-code and no-code cloud-based development platform.
  • Eclipse Open VSX. Miro Sponemann and Sven Efftinge explore the need for, and benefits of, a free marketplace for Virtual Studio Code extensions.

Short Takes

We also want to point you to some recent blogs by Jonas Helming and the team at EclipseSource. They’re very interesting, informative, and you’ll learn about a couple of Eclipse projects you may not know about:

Eclipse IDE 2020-03 Release

The Eclipse IDE 2020-03 release is here and available for download now! To learn more about the key features and improvements that make this version better than ever, explore the 2020-03 New and Noteworthy summary. Thank you to all the committers, contributors, projects, and Eclipse Foundation staff who made this possible!

To make sure the Eclipse IDE keeps getting better and stays 100% free, please donate to the IDE here:

The Latest Happenings

As always, be sure to check our update lists so you can stay current with the latest happenings here at the Eclipse Foundation:

Happy Reading!
Thabang Mashologu


Eclipse Open VSX Registry Is a Free Marketplace for VS Code Extensions

Why Eclipse Dirigible Is Ideal for Cloud-Based Development

Five Things You Might Not Know About Eclipse Che

Eclipse Theia Is Ready for Primetime


New Project Proposals

  • Eclipse Grace is a web application based on the Eclipse Memory Analyser Tooling (MAT) that provides HTTP services so that users can view the heap dump files analysis through a browser. 
  • The Eclipse OneOFour project provides an implementation of the protocol IEC 60870-5-104 as a Java library with master and slave functionality over TCP connections between SCADA systems.
  • Eclipse Unified Identity provides a toolkit to foster the adoption of the Unified Identity Protocol (UIP), an implementation of the Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) concept based on the IOTA Distributed LedgerTechnology (DLT).
  • The Eclipse Decentralized Marketplaces project provides a foundation for developers to build decentralized marketplaces on the IOTA network, allowing them to prototype concepts and explore new decentralized business models.

Interested in more project activity? Read on!

New Project Releases

View all the project releases here!.

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