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Editor's Note

The Eclipse Foundation team has just returned from EclipseCon Europe, which took place last week. It was another great event! Thank you to those of you who attended.

This newsletter features articles about Eclipse runtimes: Equinox, Golo, Jetty, OMR, and Vert.x. First, read about Eclipse Jetty, it's web server and javax.servlet container and HTTP/2, WebSocket, OSGi, JMX, JNDI, JAAS support. Second, get to know Eclipse Golo, a JVM language with interesting applications for tinkerers as a standalone language, an embedded language, or a quick prototyping in IoT settings. Third, move on to Eclipse Equinox and start developing implementations of various OSGi specifications. Fourth, dive into the Eclipse Vert.x, a toolkit to build reactive microservices. Last, but not least, learn how to integrate Eclipse OMR with a runtime.

Happy Halloween!


Eclipse Jetty and HTTP/2 Optimization

The Eclipse Jetty project is Java-based, providing an HTTP server, HTTP client, and javax.servlet container. Running Jetty from the distribution is almost as simple as downloading it, so get started now!

Quick tour: Eclipse Golo JVM Programming Language

Another JVM language? Find out what makes Eclipse Golo different and why you should start using it.

Eclipse Equinox with Java Modules All the Way Down

Eclipse Equinox provides a place to develop implementations of various OSGi specifications. Read on to learn more!

Reactive Microservices with Eclipse Vert.x

Get the freedom to shape your system as you want, ensuring its responsiveness, resilience and elasticity with Eclipse Vert.x: a toolkit to build reactive microservices.

Eclipse OMR: Building Language Runtimes for the Cloud

Looking for an open community built around a set of core technology components for building runtimes for languages like Java, Javascript, Ruby, Python, and more? You've found the right Eclipse project!

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