Installing OpenShift Connector in Che

OpenShift Connector is a plug-in designed to create basic OpenShift Components, using Che as the editor, and to deploy the Component to an OpenShift cluster. To visually verify that the plug-in is available in your instance, see whether the OpenShift icon is displayed in the Che left menu.

To install and enable OpenShift Connector in a Che instance, use instructions in this section.

  • A running instance of Eclipse Che.


Install OpenShift Connector in Che by adding it as an extension in the Che Plugins panel.

  1. Open the Che Plugins panel by pressing Ctrl+Shift+J or by navigating to View → Plugins.

  2. Search for vscode-openshift-connector, and click the Install button.

  3. Restart the workspace for the changes to take effect.

  4. The dedicated OpenShift Application Explorer icon is added to the left panel.