Installing Che in a restricted environment on OpenShift

On an OpenShift cluster operating in a restricted network, public resources are not available.

However, deploying Che and running workspaces requires the following public resources:

  • Operator catalog

  • Container images

  • Sample projects

To make these resources available, you can replace them with their copy in a registry accessible by the OpenShift cluster.

  1. Download and execute the mirroring script to install a custom Operator catalog and mirror the related images:

    $ bash \
      --ocp_ver "4.12" \
      --devworkspace_operator_index "" \
      --devworkspace_operator_version "v0.20.0" \
      --prod_operator_index "" \
      --prod_operator_package_name "eclipse-che" \
      --prod_operator_version "v7.64.0" \
      --my_registry "<my_registry>" \
      --my_catalog "<my_catalog>"
  2. Install Che with the configuration set in the che-operator-cr-patch.yaml during the previous step:

    $ chectl server:deploy --platform=openshift \
  3. Allow incoming traffic from the Che namespace to all Pods in the user namespaces. See: Configuring network policies.