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[xsd-dev] Error in XSD for type="ErrorType"

Hi All,

I have the following lines within my XSD and when I try to save the file I get an error that says

            "Undefined value for type encountered" and the type of "ErrorType"(within polling_status) shows up highlighted


     <xs:complexType name="ERRORType">

             <xs:attribute name="_Code" type="xs:string"/>

             <xs:attribute name="_Type" type="xs:string"/>

             <xs:attribute name="_Message" type="xs:string"/>


       <xs:complexType name="POLLING_STATUSType">


                    <xs:element name="ERROR" type="ERRORType" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>


             <xs:attribute name="LoanProspectorAsynchronousIdentifier" type="xs:string"/>

             <xs:attribute name="PollingInterval" type="xs:string"/>



Could anyone help me out with this problem



Meher Taraporewalla


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