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[xsd-dev] RE: Detecting errors in XSD Parsing

will this work on Eclipse XSD 1.0.1? or do I have to install XSD 1.0.2?

Are there any requirements to use more updated jars of eclipse with this new 1.0.2 release or will it work with the old jars (ecore.jar, common.jar etc...)


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From: Ed Merks [mailto:merks@xxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Tuesday, March 11, 2003 2:22 PM
To: Hayden Marchant
Subject: Re: Detecting errors in XSD Parsing


If you call  XSDConcreteComponent.validate on your XSDSchema, it will validate
the whole schema.  For this particular case, it will produce a diagnostic
indicating that gfgfd is not permitted.

Hayden Marchant wrote:

> I need to be able to detect bad xsd's during parsing. For example, if
> there is an XSD with a snippet like this:
>         <xsd:complexType name="stim">
>                 <xsd:sequence>
>                         <xsd:gfgfd name="This" type="xsd:string"/>
>                         <xsd:element name="that" type="xsd:string"/>
>                 </xsd:sequence>
>         </xsd:complexType>
> I would like the parser to notify me somehow that the first thing in the
> sequence is not a legal xsd construct. Instead it continues parsing with
> complex type and says it has just one element. I tried calling
> XSDSchema.getDiagnostics() but got an empty list. Does anyone know under
> what conditions getDiagnostics returns errors?
> Obviously there are a lot more things that can go wrong with parsing - can
> anyone point me in the right direction?
> Thanks,
> Hayden Marchant

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