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Re: [xsd-dev] Error in XSD for type="ErrorType"


This type of question is best asked on the forum.  It's not even clear from
this which tool is giving this error.  I don't think the XSD model's editor
produces such a message.  Perhaps you are using some other tool?

Since you don't provide the whole schema it's not clear whether you've
declared (or need to declare) an xmlns attribute for the target namespace
of the schema that contains the sample below.

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Hi All,
I have the following lines within my XSD and when I try to save the file I
get an error that says
            "Undefined value for type encountered" and the type of
"ErrorType"(within polling_status) shows up highlighted

     <xs:complexType name="ERRORType">
             <xs:attribute name="_Code" type="xs:string"/>
             <xs:attribute name="_Type" type="xs:string"/>
             <xs:attribute name="_Message" type="xs:string"/>
       <xs:complexType name="POLLING_STATUSType">
                    <xs:element name="ERROR" type="ERRORType" minOccurs="0"
             <xs:attribute name="LoanProspectorAsynchronousIdentifier" type
             <xs:attribute name="PollingInterval" type="xs:string"/>

Could anyone help me out with this problem

Meher Taraporewalla

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