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Re: [Wtp-wst-dev] XPath2 - bugs + tests

On 14/10/2011, at 08.33, Mukul Gandhi wrote:

For the changes I make to 1.x branch, I've to locally add any new tests for
them on my local environment. I fear this current local environment here,
since I might loose my local 1.4 tests someday, and that would hurt
me :( Therefore, can we create a new 1.x test branch on Source Editing CVS
server (I'll contribute the initial version of that)?

By all means, I' m fine with that. This should be called 3_2 maintenance for consistency with the rest of WTP, I guess. You might want to base it the 3_2 tag, I guess.

I did try to the the tests to run under 1.4 at some point, but it was pretty complicated for a number of reasons.


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