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[Wtp-wst-dev] wtp.Xpath2


We’re using PsychoPath in our application that implements XBRL Formula Standard. Formula standard is based on XPath 2.0 and sometimes we have to deal with very complex XPath expressions. During our usage of PsychoPath we have found some bugs. For example:

1)      Problems with fn:sum/avg/min/max for elements with nils attribute

2)      FsPlus – system.exit

3)      FnEquals – system.extit

4)      Memory leaks in FNFunction

5)      Memory leaks in DefaultResultSequence

6)      FnIndexOf  - missing support for QName compare

7)      And much more ( bugs in fnAbs, FnDistinct values,… )

We can provide you some patches and testcases for this bugs. Currently we are moving to new version of XPath library and it probably take some time to merge our changes with yours new API.

We’re wondering if you would like to receive from us patches and testcases or we should join the eclipse community and commit our changes to yours repository.

If it is possible we think that it would better to have access to repository and make changes in yours code.



Lukasz Wycisk

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