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Re: psychopath API changes (was Re: [Fwd: Re: [Wtp-wst-dev] Dates Times..and Duration fixes])

I am aware of the API policy and I know it is serious stuff, but so are the issues with the current API. If this is not an appropriate place to discuss cross cutting API concerns, then where should such discussions be held and recorded?

The issues are these, as I see them:

1) The Xerces branch is relying on the current XPath2 API which IMHO has some serious flaws and performance hindrances.
2) The Xerces branch is also relying on internal packages. We should consider extending the API to avoid such dependencies, or they will effectively be "baked in" forever.
3) Xerces is heading for a release in december which will use a milestone drop of XPath2. If we time things right, the "damage" going forward will be managable. By "damage" I mean the effort for adpters to discontinue use of the current API practices which should be deprecated, and use the alternatives instead.

But as Dave Carver suggests, let's focus on full compliance first, and then afterwards create a bugzilla to track the proposed changes.

As for 1.3 / 1.4 compatibility I just tried using retrotranslator on the current test suite, and it appears to be a viable option. If we can support 1.3+1.4 using a special build using retrotranslator and a different package name (using JarJarLinks or similar) we can support Xerces in a way which will not hinder Eclipse itself from consuming Xerces 2.10, which could also be a problem down the road, unless there's some OSGi magic I don't know about.


On Tue, Sep 22, 2009 at 6:05 AM, David M Williams <david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I didn't read all the details from your linked threads, but be sure you
are familar with our WTP Policy on API and deprecation.
In gist, once released, we want to never break adopters, API used or not.
And the rest of the Policy document explains what that means in a little
more detail.


Hope it helps set the expectation ... its serious stuff.


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