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[wtp-releng] Status and outlook for this week's final M build

As discussed in status call, there are still 4 bugs being reviewed or investigated for possible respin.

320658 maj P3 NEW --- Persistence.xml not found in web+JPA+OSGi project
320631 maj P3 NEW 3.2.1 J2EEDeployableFactory needs to clear server cache when changed
320495 nor P3 ASSI 3.2.1 PMC ClassCastException logged
320562 maj P2 ASSI 3.2.1 PMC Issues in application.xml file when changing URI from Deployment Assembly page

Assuming at least one of them becomes approved/required, then the respin will be done late this evening, ready Friday morning, hopefully.

Teams can/should still complete smoke testing, but if you _need_ one of these fixes, put an X on promotion page, until the issues are resolved, or your component rebuilt and retested.


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